Monday, 17 September 2012

Chapter 18

           I woke up to a cool softness against my cheek and the crisp, clean smell of soap tickling my nose. Barely cracking my eyes open, I stretched and preened like a cat as I reveled in being woken up by the morning sunlight, streaking through the window’s dusty glass, lighting up the room, instead of the horrid nightmares that had begun to plague my dreams. Sitting up on the couch, I rubbed my eyes, clearing away the layers of sleepiness, my hand brushing back against the pillow I’d been laying on, Daniel’s pillow. 

           Looking around the seemingly empty room, from the lifeless stone fireplace, blackened with sot and ash to the closed front door, the still silence within the cottage felt deafening. Getting up I walked over to the bedroom, calling out for both boys as I peeked into the room and found it empty. With no answer in response, it wasn’t a stretch to assume that I was alone.

Where are the boys? I mean they wouldn’t just pack up and leave, right? They probably needed to head into town or something, maybe they went for food.

I thought, rationalizing my new found solitude. Entering the bedroom, I knelt on the ground beside my bags, unzipping and rummaging through my luggage, I found my small bag of toiletries and some clothes to change into as I slipped on my shoes, intending on heading to the waterfall. I was about to grab a towel from the armoire when the small pile of dirty clothes on the floor, sitting behind the bedroom door caught my attention.

Unable to just ignore it and leave the heap of clothes, I’ve used and discarded over the last few days, I threw my things on the bed and picking up the few pieces of clothing, walked out and around the cottage to the shallow river behind it. Toeing my shoes back off, I stepped ankle deep into the cool, clear water. Dipping each piece of clothing in the clean water and soaking it, I scrubbed each against the larger rocks along the river’s bank. Wringing out as much water as possible and spreading out each item of clothing on the grass for the sun to dry them.

A few minutes later as I sat spreading out the last hand washed piece of clothing along the grass, a whisper of sound reached my ears before a familiar voice spoke.

“You know, we usually just carry all our dirty clothes to the Laundromat in town. But hey, if you wanna kick it ole school, don’t let me stop you.” Lucas teased.

Turning to look up at him from my seat on the grassy bank, a towel around the crew neck of his loose fitting white t-shirt, “Huh….. I did not think of that.” I said.

Chuckling as he walked over, Lucas closed the small distance between us, taking a seat on the grass beside me and rolling up the bottom of his blue-black jeans, sank his toes into the sparkling waters of the stream, right next to mine. Raising an arm, the muscles in his back and shoulder involuntarily flexing under his shirt, Lucas ran a large hand through the damp tuft of his long, wavy hair.

 “Got a little restless, huh?” Lucas asked, a twinkle of amusement touching his deep grey eyes.

“I woke up and you were both gone, so I figured I’d do something to, you know, past the time until you guys came back.” I replied.

“So sure we were gonna come back?” he asked, a hint of curiosity in his words.

“Daniel said he would help me. He may act like a jerk, but he doesn’t seem like the kind to make empty promises.” I honestly answered.

Lucas’ lips slightly curved upward as he said, “He’s not. Hey, you had breakfast yet?”

“There’s nothing to eat in there.” I said tipping my head toward to the cottage behind us.

“Do you have tunnel vision or did you not see the bag of groceries near the front door.” Lucas said as he stood, extending his hand to help me up.

Accepting the help and placing my hand in his, I smiled up at him as he gently pulled me to my feet, “Thanks. And if this is you offering to make me breakfast, I say hell yeah.” I said, pushing my feet back into my shoes. 

“Cool” Lucas replied, flashing me a lusty smile.

Rolling my eyes, I turned and headed back to the cottage. Walking through the front door and into the bedroom, I grabbed my stuff from earlier and walked back out.

 “I’ll be back in a few.” I shouted over my shoulder to Lucas, passing him as I ran back out the cottage, heading to the falls.

Feeling clean and a little more like me in a pair of faded straight jeans and a dark brown tank top. I lazily followed the river along the fringe of the forest, making my way back to Lucas, and hopefully food, as I walked past the dark green canopy of the trees as they let stray beams of sunlight filter through to the thick, rich green of the forest floor. 


  1. This sounds like a great book! I am going to have to read all that you have posted as soon as I can!

    I saw you on my blog and stopped by to say hi and let you know that I am a follower of yours as well and plan on stopping by as often as I can! :)

    1. Thank you for the follow and thanks for reading!!!

  2. I just wish youd write thisin a book already! :) x


  3. Wow this sounds AMAZING! You should definitely write for a living!

    New follower!

  4. Hey, I just found your blog through the Blogger Lift thread on goodreads and I can't think of anyone more deserving of more followers than someone putting their novel online like this, just for the joy of writing. :) I've just started a blog hop (The Follow-Swap Blog hop) which is all about helping people with interesting blogs gain loyal readerships, and I'd love to see you there. All the best,

    1. Oh Wow! thanks so much! I really hope your enjoying the story so far, I promise it gets better! ;P

  5. omg, I was supposed to come here a while now, but shit has just been so busy lately that I really haven't had time to read any of my books?!? but I figured that if I delayed reading weekly, the chapters would pile up so it'll be like reading a book and I won't be left in suspense like last time! sigh* cruel person!
    and well I had to make time to comment today at least, because I dreamt you the other night and you had really long hairr!! and the worst part is you didn't want to talk to me?!?!! I was really taken aback by that! please don't hate me or I will tote like a sadman =)


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