Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Chapter 24

Lying on my back, I opened my eyes, staring at the dull and dark ceiling, silently watching as the morning sun’s rays streamed through the room’s small window, creeping its way up the far wall.

A week. Seven days. Seven days since my grandfather died and the fire that consumed my home. Seven days since I've been here. What am I doing?

I asked myself as I listlessly began to climb out of bed.

Grabbing a few things and some clothes from my suitcase on the floor, I quietly stepped out of the bedroom making a beeline for the front door. Walking out into the crisp morning air of the woods, I took in a deep breath and let my thoughts wonder to more flippant things, like breakfast. I was halfway to the falls when a loud thwack, followed by a deep moan, stopped me in my tracks. Turning towards the direction of the sounds, I peered through the trees to a small clearing and the sight of both boys, bare-chested, in nothing but their jeans, trying to beat the crap out of each other.

Calling out to them to stop seemed like a losing battle, they were too engrossed in tearing each other apart, to hear me. More reacting than thinking, I dropped everything and pushing through the forest vegetation, ran to the boys, jumping between them both the instant I saw a gap.  I felt Lucas’ sweaty chest flush against my back as I stretched out my arms and laid both my palms on Daniel’s, forcing some more space between them. Involuntarily my eyes slowly made their way up Daniel’s toned abs and lightly tanned chest to his face. Looking up at him his eyes held annoyance as he glared down at my hands before looking back up at me.

Quickly pulling my hands back from him I asked, “What the hell? You two trying to kill each other?”

I felt more than heard Lucas’ chuckle, a reminder that I still had my back against his chest. Stepping away from him, I tried not to look too obvious as I took him in, light blue jeans sat low on his waist allowing a peek of his black boxers and a set of finely chiseled abs.

“We were just sparring, letting off some steam, keeping fresh. You know..” Lucas answered wearing an impish grin that said I’d just been caught checking him out.

Dropping my head to hide the blush I could feel creeping up my neck, “Oh..” I brilliantly replied, as the obvious thought failed to cross my mind.

“So what is this like a boys club or can anyone just join in?” I asked them both not waiting for an answer as I gathered my scattered clothes up from the ground and placed them by the nearest tree.

“Seriously?” “You’re not serious..” Both Lucas and Daniel simultaneously responded in surprise.

“Well yeah, why not right? You are the one who said I needed to learn how to defend myself and what not..” I threw at Daniel.

            “What I said was that you have a gun and needed to learn how to use it.” Daniel corrected.

“Potato..Tomato… Either way I still wanna play fight.” I said giving them both an eyebrow wiggle.

            Laughingly shaking his head Lucas turned to me “Ok, well we can show some basic defensive moves and go from there.”

Daniel walked right in front of me at that moment, between me and Lucas, “This isn't a game, were not play fighting. This is how we stay sharp, we go at each other, no holding back. So don’t think that this is going to be a game.” Daniel stated before walking away.

            “Well that went from fun to the worlds gonna end pretty fucking fast.” Lucas said as he walked over to stand next to me. “Oh Dani, always the life of the party.” Lucas threw at Daniel with a wink as he turned to glare at him.

“Ok so let’s get started then shall we.” Lucas said placing his hand on the middle of my back guiding me to where Daniel now stood.

Letting him lead me to the middle of the clearing I stood there facing them both. 

“Ok, so lesson number one…running away is always your first option." Lucas began looking me in the eye with a seriousness I wasn't expecting from him. "It doesn't make you a coward or any less brave, it makes you smart enough to understand that this shit is life and death.   Now if theirs no choice and you have to fight, try not to get hit.” 

“Running is good. Don’t get hit. Got it.” I replied. Daniel scoffed.

I met his hard gaze with my own, “Let’s go Dani,” I told him, watching as his expression changed to one of humor and arrogance. “You to Lucas, two on one. Show me how the big boys play.”

“Uhh…” Lucas replied to my taunt, glancing between me and Daniel.

With a look on his face that said the mouse was about to trap the mouse, I kept my eyes on Daniel as he stalked forward. Stepping back I matched his pace, and then the games began.