Monday, 3 September 2012

Chapter 16

       My Dearest October, 

       If you’re reading this, then to our both misfortune, I’m no longer with you. The items you’ll find along with this note are yours to keep. The gun is a family heirloom, handed down from one generation to the next. I know you’ve never really fancied them, no lack of trying on my part, but I hope you’ll keep it safe and with you all the same. The daggers are a gift, I had them specially made for you after your first lesson. Even at thirteen you could throw and wield a blade far better than most. You were a natural. 

Tobi, there are parts of my life that you don’t know about, things that you may not understand and I hope you never will. My untimely passing may create ripples and I pray they never reach you. But there’s no way for me to know whether they will or won’t. Your uncle Jon and I have kept in touch over the years and if you need anything, find him. He’ll take care of you like you were his own. Be careful and stay safe, don’t forget the things I’ve taught you. 

Your Gramps.
Marcus Latro.

I must have read through the letter almost twenty times already. If the hand writing wasn’t enough to convince me this was from gramps, then the length and vagueness would have. I was still staring at the faded words when Daniel offered me a small mug of heated up, can soup.

Guess that’s what he was stirring in the pot over the fire.

I thought, barely looking up at him before declining with a dismissive nod.

When did gramps even write this letter? Why did he write it? Why Uncle Jon?

“October? You doing alright?” Lucas asked in a soft voice, cutting into my thoughts.

Turning away from the paper and my wandering thoughts, I glanced up at Lucas as he sat next to me on the battered brown sofa, his eyes shining with concern. A tight smile stretched across my face as I gave him a small nod before looking away from him, my gaze shifting to Daniel as he sat with his back to us, on the bare wood floor in front of the fireplace.

“I think I’m gonna go to bed.” I said to no one in particular as I stood up and walked over to the bedroom.

Walking into the faintly lit room, I stepped over my bags, still sprawled on the ground from when I tripped over them, shutting the door behind me. Walking over to the lit candles that sat on the curtain less window sill, I held up the note I still held in my hands. Reading through it once more I held it out over the flame and watched as the fire spread, turning my gramps words to nothing. Sitting on the bed, the worn and old mattress creaked under my weight as I began pulling off my shoes. A light knock on the bedroom door interrupted my nomadic thoughts. Shifting my attention, I quickly tore off both shoes before shuffling over to the door and slowly creaking it open.

 “Hey.” I said to Daniel, trying to keep the surprise out of my voice.

“Hey.” He repeated as he just stood there leaning in the doorway.  

“Where’s Lucas?” I curiously asked, looking past him and seeing nothing but an empty room and hearing nothing but the occasional crackle of the dying fire.

“Oh, he went to get some more wood for the fire.” He replied, “uh….. you left these on the couch.” He said as he held out the same black velvet bag and its contents. 

“Thank you.” I said as I took the bag from him, peering inside to see both the gun and my pair of daggers sitting at the bottom.

“And…” Daniel blurted out, stopping me from closing the door.  “I just wanted to say thanks, you know, for letting us read the letter too.” He added, his eyes looking everywhere else but mine.

The corners of mouth tilting up at his unease “No problem. Goodnight” I said as I began to close the door once more.

Resting his hand face down on the door, Daniel held it open as he continued to speak, his dark eyes meeting mine “If you want to go to your uncle’s that’s fine. Luc and I, we’ll take you.” 

“Thanks Daniel, but I haven’t seen my uncle Jon in years. I have no idea where he is.”  I said to him on a defeated sigh.

“Then we’ll help you find him. If Marcus wants you to find your uncle then, we’ll help.” He said with conviction.

“Thank you.” I said to him with a genuine smile as he lifted his hand off the door and walked backed to the sofa.

Closing the door I treaded back to the bed, falling face down on the soft and threadbare pillow and tried to fall asleep.


  1. That was so... Mysterious o.O Yet it sounds so fricken INTERESTING! A gun and a dagger, that's not you know weird or anything. xD I really liked it, very well written :)


    1. Thanks for your awesome comment and for reading :D

  2. changed my mind lol daniel can have october and I'll just take lucas :P good chapter!

  3. I just LOVE reading your book.
    Every day, I open your blog just to check if there's a new chapter. You always keep us hanging on a thread.
    By the way, do I have to say?
    I LOVE your book, Every PART of it. Specially, the bOYS :P :P

    1. Ahh these boys have you all wrapped up in a tizzy lol


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