Saturday, 28 September 2013

Chapter 23

“So what kind of bullets do you use?” I asked Daniel, my hands sore and tired by the time the sun started to die down.

“What?” Daniel replied, barely listening to me as he took apart and cleaned his gun.

            “You said the bullets I used for practice, aren’t the ones you use to hunt. So what kind of bullets do you use?” I asked again.

            Barely lifting his head Daniel said, “Oh... silver bullets engraved with hex symbols.”

            “Seriously? That’s it?” I asked a little disappointed.

            Looking up, Daniel snickered at my reaction, “Yes that’s it. What’d you think the bullets would have been forged in a volcano and bathed in the blood of a virgin?” He responded, an annoying smirk pulling at the corner of his mouth.

“No.………Maybe. Something a little along those lines.” I conceded

            With a soft chuckle, Daniel got up and gathered his things, “You’d be surprised how the simplest of things can be used as a weapon.” He added. 

             Tucking my revolver in the small of my back I followed Daniel as we walked over to the cottage. Walking inside I found Lucas diligently making a plateful of sandwiches on a small round table near the couch. Smiling at the sight I walked over and took a seat on the couch next to him, as Daniel sat on the floor next to the empty fireplace. 

             “How’s your hand?” Lucas asked, as he passed the plateful of sandwiches to Daniel for him to take one. 

             “Oh..” I responded, looking down at my hand as I clenched and unclenched a small fist, “it’s fine.”

             “Yea.. your joints wouldn’t be so stiff if someone had given you a few minutes break here and there.” Lucas said, giving Daniel a hard stare.

             “It’s fine.” I said, reaching for a sandwich.

            “Yea, she’s fine. I think October is a lot tougher than we think.” Daniel said, giving me a curious look.

            Not really sure what to make of that I continued to eat my sandwich, and den two more, before retiring for the night.   

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