Monday, 20 August 2012

Chapter 14

Ignoring his playful tone, I continued with my question “Before the policeman, you know…-” 

“Sprang towards your throat like a predator about to kill its prey?” Lucas added, finishing my sentence.

“Yeah. Before that.” I said, tilting my head in his direction “Did you know what he was? That he was a demon? Did you and Daniel know?” I rambled out, waiting for his answer.

“No.” he answered dismissively, as if already bored with the topic of conversation.

“No?” I repeated, staring over at him. “No, you didn’t know? Or No, you’re not answering?” I asked a little confused.

“No. Neither I, nor Dani knew the cop was a demon.” He answered, clarifying my confusion about one question as it raised several more.

“But you said you were hunters? Shouldn’t you both have known?”

“We are. Well I am.” He hedged “Just like Marcus, I was born and breed into the hunting world. But like you, Dani was sort of dropped into it.”

Turning away from Lucas as the cabin came into view I tried to make sense of what it is he was telling me.

“But you are a demon hunter?” I asked him.

“Yep.” He answered.

“So how didn’t you know he was a demon?” I asked, slowing my gait.

“Because, I’m a trained hunter not a bloodborn. I can track and kill them but, distinguishing a demon from a human is almost impossible for us.” He explained.

“And Daniel? If he’s not a hunter then how’d he get involved in all of this?” I asked Lucas, tugging at the dark sleeve of his sweater he had pushed up to his elbows, stopping him before we reached the cottage.

Looking down at me, I saw the uncertainty flickering in his storm cloud eyes. His expression seemed almost torn as he reached up and rubbed the scruff on his jaw, as if contemplating how to answer before his gaze skated away from mine.   

“You knew.” He said, deflecting from the original question as he turned and continued walking towards the cottage, along the edge of the dark spread of trees.

“Huh?” I intelligently responded, losing train of the conversation.

“At the house, you knew the officer was a demon.” he stated matter of factly, glancing back over his shoulder at me and raising a brow as I lazily trailed him.

“Wait, Lucas I don’t understand! How did I know?” I asked, wondering if Lucas heard the plea in my voice.

“It’s a bloodborn trait, being able to separate a demon from the glamour they use to blend into the human world. Marcus could do it. He was the strongest bloodborn hunter the association had seen in almost 100 years, I think. Most bloodborns before him could only get a sense or a feeling when around demons but Marcus, he could actually see them.” Lucas replied as we walked between shadows.
           “And now so can I.I softly murmured under my breath.

There were so many questions on the tip of my tongue as Lucas parted the curtain of vines that draped across the cottage. Opening the door I walked in with blinders on heading straight for the bedroom, barely acknowledging Daniel as he crouched in front of the fireplace, stirring a small pot over the open flame. Almost falling over my luggage bags as I rushed through the bedroom door I righted myself before slamming it shut, dropping everything and bracing both palms face down on the door. 

You were my everything, my father, my friend and protector and I didn’t even know you.

I sadly thought, looking down at the black velvet bag as it hung from my tiny wrist, swaying back and forth in the flicker of the candle light as it dimly lit the room. Resting my forehead on the cool wood, I took a deep breath, blinking back would be tears as I shook off the hovering cloud of emotion. Silently cracking the door and peeping through the slit, I watched as Lucas’ profile lazily treaded to the couch, slouching down and spreading out as he sat, making himself comfortable. Looking across to Daniel, still hunkered down, his back now to the fireplace as he faced Lucas, speaking to him in hushed whispers. 

Widening the door open, both their faces snapped up in my direction. Walking to stand next to Lucas on the couch, I threw the velvet bag in his lap as Daniel stood.

“Open it.” I said without prelude. My eyes shifting between them both as I watched them give each other another one of those looks that felt like words being said.

“You sure about this?” Daniel asked, his voice soft and gentle.

“Just open it.” I said with an exasperated breath.


  1. great chapter, loved reading it. xxx

  2. Just amazing! Another cliffhanger, please post the next chapter soon!
    I LOVE LUCAS! Shadylane, please don't make him any more cute or adorable, please!
    I wonder what's in the bag, anyway, great job!

  3. Love it!

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  5. Thanks so much for reading peoples! lol
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