Saturday, 14 January 2012

Chapter 3

          Wiping the tear stains from my face, I dunked my head beneath the falls cool water. Opening my eyes underwater I could barely see anything, feel nothing but the water as it seeped into my skin. Feeling my lungs begin to protest I lifted my head out of the water. As I passed my hand across my face to clear my vision, I caught a glimpse of something from the corner of my eye. Seconds later I felt a warm hand touch my shoulder, again. There was no hesitation, as all the sparring sessions and self - defense training my grandfather taught me sprang to the surface. Instincts took over as I turned to face the owner of the hand, thrusting the heel of my palm upward into his nose.

        "What.The.Fuck!!" he yelled out as he leaned forward covering his nose. "Are you crazy? You could have broken my nose!" he screamed at me as I stepped back a couple of paces.

        "Your nose is fine and it serves you right for sneaking up on people." I said without the least bit of sympathy for him.  

“Hey I wasn't sneaking! I was just taking a dip, if anything I was here first!” he started to argue. It was dark, if it wasn't for his deep raspy voice I would have thought I was talking to a 10 year old. I couldn't help it, a small laugh escaped me as I asked “Seriously?” Finally the moonlight peeped out behind cloud cover, to help give me a look at him. He was chest deep in the water, letting go of his nose I could see his eyes as he looked at me, clear and grey. His hair, sodden with water appeared ink black as it brushed his thickly stubbled chin. 

        Remembering, that even though the night was dark and we were both hidden by the depth of the water, I was still naked. I Crossed my arms over my chest beneath the water, I started making my way to the boulder where I stashed my clothes when I heard my name.

            “October!” both me and the dark haired guy turned toward the banks as the torchlight shone down on me. “October, what the hell? You've been gone almost an hour, and I heard a scream”

         Raising my hand to shield my eyes from the light, I finally saw that it was Daniel. “Sorry,” I told him in a small voice. “I didn't mean to take so long.”

            “Scream? I don't scream. Girls scream. I was just……caught off guard.” The dark haired boy said to, Daniel, as he wadded out into the light. A knowing pause filled the silence as Daniel and the dark haired boy looked at each other. “Lucas? Of course.” Daniel said with a sigh as his eyes shifted from my face back to  Lucas'.

            “I should have guessed this one huh? Lucas Knight can smell a pretty girl from a mile away.” He threw at  Lucas with a grin stretching across his face. Rising out of the water and making his way towards, Daniel on the banks. I got a full view of Lucas' broad back, as he leaned down to pick up a back pack he must have hidden somewhere along the banks. When Lucas finally reached him, they did that clasp hands, half hug thing that guys do.

            “Hey Dani, it's been a while.” I could hear Lucas say to Daniel as they parted. 

           “Yeah, it has. Thought you were going to be gone a couple more weeks though?” Daniel asked him.

           “I was, but things kinda wrapped up early. So you know that crazy chick back there?” Lucas asked Daniel.

           Having had enough of watching a rekindling bromance, I interrupted their conversation. Clearing my throat loud enough to catch both boys attention, I just looked at them as they stared blankly back. Apparently living with my gramps all my life, hadn't prepared me for how dense boys could be. Securing my crossed arms under my arm pits under the dark water I told them to turn around so I could get my clothes. 

“Oh, crap. Sorry” Daniel said to me as he grabbed  Lucas' arm and led him a little way from the falls. The light of the flashlight helped me keep an eye on them as I made my way to the boulder where I left my clothes. Having nothing to dry myself, I shouted in the boy's direction “Did either of you bring a towel?” as I knelt down, to gather my clothes with my wet hands.

I felt something soft hit my head a couple seconds later, looking behind me where it landed on the ground I picked up the large white towel. Throwing a thank you in the boy's direction, I could barely make out there shadowed figures as I heard their low chuckling. Using the towel to dry myself, I threw on Daniel's two sizes to big, black t shirt and pair of plaid boxers, which felt a little too tight. I gathered my old clothes and balled them up as I slipped my feet into my shoes and made my way towards Daniel and Lucas.

“So that's her? The granddaughter? What's she doing here?” I overheard a full dressed Lucas ask Daniel as I approached them from behind. “I don't know what happened man. Marcus, he- ” Daniel began to reply before I cut him off.

“I think it's time you started talking.” I said to theirs backs, waiting for them to turn around. They both just stood there for a while, frozen, before turning to face me. When they did, they both had weird looks on their faces. “How long have you been standing there?” Daniel asked a look of uncertainty in his eyes. “Long enough.” I answered. 

“We didn't hear you walk up.” Lucas added as he and Daniel, both sneaked a glanced at each other.

“Who are you two? What happened back at my house? How do you even know my gramps?” I demanded, feeling my patience for answers wearing thin.

“Let's go back to the cottage and we'll-” Daniel started. 

“No! The only reason I'm still here, is because you promised me answers. Tell me what I want to know or I'm gone” I said to Daniel.

“Gone?” Daniel asked as he walked towards me. “And where will you go?” he asked. “Back to the pile of ash, that used to be your home? Or back to your dead grandfather, who was the only living relative you had?” he answered his own question as he stood face to face with me. 

                           He's right. There's nothing to go back to.

I thought. Looking straight into his eyes so dark they almost seemed black. I felt my nails dig into my palm as I clenched my fists, trying to keep hold of my emotions. Just like gramps taught me. Face impassive, I heard no emotion in my voice as I looked Daniel straight in the eye

“Thank you, for all your help.” I said to him as I turned to walk away. 

“We're hunters.” Stopping mid step, I turned back. Looking at Lucas unable to hide my confusion, I asked "Hunters? What does that mean?”     

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